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Barstool Sports Officially Has The Wheels Turning On This Ari Gold Spin-Off Show


The other day I wrote this blog just for fun. Nothing crazy. Of course if your favorite character from one of your favorite shows tweets about a spin-off I'll talk about it, but NEVER in a billion years did I think mere days would be getting the wheels spinning quite like this with one Ari Gold himself.

Luckily the whole world is pent up at their homes we we got nothing to do but brainstorm ideas with one Jeremy Piven. If you're reading this Jeremy I'm thinking the angle for this would be you finally getting enough investors to purchase the Chargers & make them the LA Gold at long last. It's perfect. A new stadium on the way & Justin Herbert ready to roll yet not that much of a fan base. That'll all turn around when Ari Gold takes ownership. Sure, you may think this simply sounds like a more exaggerated version of Ballers. Well Ballers was awesome. Would only be better with Ari Gold in the leading role.

Either way GOD am I thrilled! Since I wrote that blog does that technically mean I could get an EP credit when this show inevitably goes into production? Time will tell. Fingers crossed.