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One Year Ago Right Now The Big Rig Became "The Hometown Hero" In Double OT Of Game 7

A moment etched in St. Louis history.  I can remember the feeling of my stomach all the way up in my throat.  The feeling of Overtime playoff hockey is one thing for sure.  I could watch Hurricanes vs Panthers in a year my favorite team has been out since December and be on the edge of my seat.  There is a certain finality to it that is so attractive to watch because the stakes just couldn't get any higher.  Lives will be changed, millions of dollars will swing either way, entire cities Springs and Summers will be changed... and that's just for playoff hockey OT in general.  Experiencing an Overtime in Game 7 is something that you can't really "feel" until you feel, and I know because I hadn't truly felt that feeling while watching hockey in my entire life.  Blues vs. Blackhawks Game 7 in 2016 was pretty close, but the Overtime aspect just adds an anxiety that is unbelievable.  

All that being said, DOUBLE OVERTIME may be even worse.  You've just sat down for 20 of the most stressful minutes of your life and THEN HAVE TO SIT THROUGH AN INTERMISSION.  I can't even describe the intermission between the first and second overtimes.  It is complete torture.  

When that puck dropped on the faceoff with 14:16 left in the 2nd OT and Tyler Bozak won the puck back to Thurman Thomas, I had butterflies in my stomach, the play felt dangerous.  The Blues were outshooting the Stars by about 600 shots, but this was a DANGEROUS chance.  "Big Thurm" shook Klingberg out of his skates and came in so dangerously on Bishop, BEAT HIM, and then the puck just sat there.  The puck sat there for what felt like the time between the Egyptians and the first iPhone.  ITS RIGHT THERE!!!!!  When #7 in Blue turned into a bloodhound and popped the puck from the crease into the back of the net, I think my soul left my body for a few moments.  If you don't believe me watch this video.

Here is the rest of the OT if you are so inclined, I still sweat watching it.

The Magic Rat had a little post-game chat with the new "Hometown Hero" and the rest was history.

Pat Maroon will be known for that goal for the rest of his life.  Unless he cures COVID-19, I don't know if there is anything he can do to be a bigger legend in St. Louis.  The guy is going to be 80 years old with people asking him about that goal.  Its the beautiful thing about sports, if Jamie Benn puts home that wraparound a few minutes earlier, millions of peoples lives are very different.  As Kanye West said "I guess we'll never know!"