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I'm Going To Need The Grim Reaper To Be Scarier Than This Guy If We're Actually Trying To Get These Idiots To Go Home

I flat out gasped when I saw the grim reaper grab the mic and step in front of that camera. One of the more shocking things I've seen in a long time. I know Ethan wrote about this last week, but the live image of him sliding in like Cris Collinsworth like it was Sunday Night Football was outstanding. 

I'll be the one to say it though. If you go around the beaches of Florida dressed as the grim reaper in hopes of scaring idiots back to their homes you have to come up with a scarier voice. My man Reaper out here sounding like a middle aged man trying to do my taxes. At least deepen your voice a little! If you're going to go all out and wear that shit to the beach in 80 degree weather and you know you have that voice, you have to rock a voice changer. I see that dementor looking motherfucker approaching me at the beach I'm going to start packing my shit and running for the hills, but if he opens his mouth I'm gonna laugh in his face and sit back down (hypothetically of course if I were a really stupid person who thought going to the beach right now was a good idea). 

The grim reaper idea was perfect, but the voice makes this whole operation collapse from within. Impossible to be a less intimidating agent of death if you tried. I know he was making a whole lot of sense, but these morons on the beaches aren't capable of being persuaded with knowledge. They need to scared to death...literally. Lean into the part my man.

Corona sitting back on his couch laughing up a storm.