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Today's Episode Of NBA Players On IG Live - Gabrielle Union Told The Curry's To Fuck Other People And D. Wade Called Union A Thot

I'll say this - the IG Live with NBA players and those around the NBA have been the best content the league has put out during this quarantine. They are just shooting the shit while drinking. Honestly, that's how every interview should be done. Be loose, be a little drunk and say whatever you want. 

Buddy, did we get some highlights from this. Say what you want about the four people involved - they were open here. Let's get into the highlights.

D Wade called Gabrielle Union a thot in 1998 and then again here

I don't care if he was joking about calling her a thot present day, you better believe that led to an argument. I laugh my ass off when Wade starts filling up her wine glass as he said she was a thot in 1998. Go ahead and make a joke to your wife that she's a thot and see how that goes over. I'm going to guess not well. That said, Gabrielle Union in 1998? 26-year old Gabrielle Union? Leading into Bring It On and Bad Boys II Gabrielle Union? You have my attention

Gabrielle Union told the Curry's to break up and have sex with other people

Now this is the image I'm here for. Steph and Ayesha have been together forever. Gabrielle Union runs into them at a 25th birthday party back in the day and tells them to do the thing every single friend tells a friend in college. Don't date that person. Just start fucking anyone and everyone. Gotta wonder how different Steph's life would be if he listened. Gotta know what the image would be like. Think about how the internet freaks out when they post a picture like this: 

I'll give the Curry's credit. They keep that perfect boring life at home image up well. Never forget they get freaky with feet

But just a quick search in our wonderful (when it works) search bar shows what Curry's life could have looked like if he listened to Union: 

Pray for D Wade though. As a husband that's my only takeaway here. He's 100% getting the 'so I'm a thot huh. You had to apologize from the Wade household?' look tonight. Zero chance this gets let down. That and never forget that Ayesha and Steph are little minxes. They may have met in bible study, but when you start getting into a foot fetish you can't end the relationship. Let that freak flag fly.