Ayesha Curry Says Steph Curry Has A Foot Fetish And She Sends Him Feet Pics

The Currys you little minxes! From meeting at bible study to sending tootsie shots for sexts, what a rags to riches tale.

Look, I’ve said this on here before and I’ll say it again: I’ve got no problem with foot fetish people. I don’t count myself among them and I’ll give Rex Ryan some jokes if the mood strikes, but as far as fetishes go it’s probably the least weird. It’s fetish light. You won’t catch me oiling up any dogs and banging soles, but if I’ve got your legs on my shoulders and there’s a foot flopping around in my face then I’m liable to just put that thing in my mouth. Humans have an innate desire to put whatever they see in their mouth, ask any kid as soon as he gets his lips off the window or that Lego out of his mouth, and they’ll confirm my suspicion. Does that make me a foot fetish guy? I don’t know, the science is still out.

However, I’m so down with Ayesha sending foot shots. The bar for chicks being a “freak” is so goddamn low that if you so much as talk about showing and getting dressed in the morning I’ll be like “oh damn you get down like that, huh? You’re nasty.” So sending piggy pics? Yeah, that’ll juice me up no questions asked. Get down, Ayesha! Get nasty!

But that foot pic better be followed up with a real nude. That’ll start my engine but it won’t get me all the way to where I’m going. What’s the point of getting married if you can’t get nudes whenever you want? If your husband hits you with “hey babe I’m on the road and horny, let me get some sugar” and you don’t help him out then I don’t want to say cheating is justified but it kinda is.