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Let's Keep A Strong Alliance With The Chicago Boys - Seriously FUCK Isiah Thomas

Pretty simple here from Clem and I. We're going to alternate each week when we want to keep the strong alliance with our Chicago blogging brothers. We're 2-for-2 on Sunday's in April. Fuck Reggie Miller and FUCK Isiah Thomas. Do I care what he did with the Pistons? Sure don't. Hate him for quite literally being part of the Knicks. Fuck Isiah Thomas for trading lottery picks for Eddy Curry 

Fuck Isiah Thomas for saying he was RIGHT for this trade

Fuck Isiah Thomas for having the most expensive salary and the 2nd worst record. 

Fuck Isiah Thomas for Jerome James and Jared Jeffries, specifically for overpaying them while they barely could get on the floor. 

Listen, it all starts with James Dolan, but Isiah Thomas is a number 2 reason why the Knicks consistently suck. Back to back weeks of strong hatred coming from Chicago and Knicks fan. It feels good. Fuck Isiah Thomas.