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FUCK Isiah Thomas

Fuck the entire Pistons team and the whole city of Detroit, but especially FUCK Isiah Thomas. The best true villain of the Jordan era. A guy Jordan and Pippen hated so much that they banned him from playing for the Dream Team in 1992 even though Chuck Daly was coaching the team. And honestly, he deserved it. Fuck him. Dirty, the leader of the scummiest team in the history of the NBA. I wish we had cameras on that team. Not tv cameras. Like FBI cameras. They talk about the "Jordan Rules" which was basically "let's try to fucking kill this guy". That's fucking assault. That's a conspiracy against Jordan, the NBA, and honestly, mankind. Imagine a world where Jordan's career was cut short because Isiah Thomas and Laimbeer tooks his legs out? Disgusting. I can't wait to hate them tonight. I LOVE that Isiah has been a complete failure at every single stop since Jordan ended the Pistons. He's a bum and that is called karma. Fuck Isiah.