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Meat Sweats With Jordie: Brisket Boys

I believe in a little thing called accountability. I know that's hard to come by these days but it's always important in life to put your hand up and admit when you fucked up. And hand up, this brisket turned out to be a little more on the dry side. That's on me, however, not the process. It's the wizard, not the wand. So if you follow the steps I laid out here in the video, you're well on your way to making a brisket that is so good it'll make you slap your neighbor's mother's 2nd cousin's coworker. Trim, salt & pepper, smoke it low and slow, wrap in butcher paper, pull & rest, and then slice across the grain. That'll get the job done for you. But sometimes the only way to make good barbecue is to make some bad barbecue, so there is today's life lesson for all you boys and girls back home. 

As far as "bad barbecue" goes, still tasted great.