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THE X-MAN COMETH!!! Giants Draft Stud Safety Xavier McKinney With The Golden Pick Of The 2nd Round Followed By Another Hog Molly In The 3rd

Looooooooove it. The Giants used their early 2nd round pick that I will always associate with Landon Collins to fill the Former Stud Alabama Safety void that Collins left when he signed with Washington and they filled it with a player everyone seems to love, whether its tough coaches.

Fancy shmancy PFF

Or my CFF rankings, which graded McKinney as an A- because I can make the letter X with my arms after every big play either above my head or in a DX crotch chop motion, which is about as fun as it gets for a fan. I think they said on the broadcast that McKinney has been making his own tattoos since he was six, which is super creative if it's in a notepad or seemingly super illegal unless the South is even crazier than I think. And like I said on Thursday, the 36th pick is clearly the Golden Pick of the 2nd round since pretty much every player became a contributor, which isn't always the case no matter where

The Giants have invested a bunch of picks as well as some decent money in their secondary and those tweets make it seem like McKinney can be the final piece of what hopefully will be a solid unit that may not get all that help from the pass rush up front. It sounds like McKinney slipped from the first round because his workout at the Combine wasn't the best as he battled cramps. But I'll take all the guys that weren't great one day in Indianapolis but were awesome for years in the SEC. There is no way Nick Saban is recommending a lemon to his guy Joe Judge and Joe Judge clearly knows that.

Going back to what I said yesterday, you would have to imagine that Joe Judge wants versatile players like an Isaiah Simmons that can do a bunch of things all over the field. And wouldn't you know it, McKinney can do just that!

If you aren't down with Xavier McKinney after all that, I got two words for ya!

The Giants also drafted Matt Peart with their 3rd round compensatory pick, who didn't start playing football until high school and could become a legit starting right tackle once Marc Colombo gets his paws into him.

My take on Jamaican-born Matt Peart is that if you don’t like Matt Peart, you don’t like Jamaica. If you don’t like Jamaica, nobody likes you. So fuck you if you don’t like Matt Peart. But if you like Matt Peart, everyting is irie.

I know Peart went to UConn like the very meh Will Beatty (who won a Super Bowl for what its worth). But lets not forget that UConn gave FSU all they could handle in the 2020 2014 Fiesta Bowl and the Huskies may have won all the Tostitos if this pass was caught.

I'm not sure if Peart's gonna hit or how good Andrew Thomas will end up being. But the thought of the offensive line being decent let alone good just gave me butterflies in my stomach. Here's to Gettleman and Judge keeping this wagon rolling tomorrow.

Also, I missed the beginning of the third round while streaming Barstool TGIF. But can we all agree never to mention the pick that was traded for Leonard Williams ever again? Please? Pretty please?!?