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The Most Ragtag Bunch In COD History Got A W Yesterday & Not To Brag But I Was Alive When We Won

THESE ARE THE MOMENTS WE PLAY FOR FOLKS! Being the best 4 players out of 150 is a feeling unlike no other, especially when you're actually alive to enjoy it. The only times my team has won in Quarantine was with our resident COD King Muj & when our IG Queen Nataagataa clutched it for us. Sadly I died just before we won in the latter occasion. 

But that was all over after being alive for yesterday's W. Dubs are a hell of a drug. Now we'll be on all day today with White Sox Dave joining us now before Captain Nat hops back on the sticks with us later on. Today's goal is to be man pulling the trigger on the final kill of the game. If that happens...twitches no male nipples policy may be in jeopardy.

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