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Friday Argument Time - What Game Show Had The Best Final Event In TV History?

It's Friday which means we're going to argue. It's one of my favorite things to do. I'm obsessed with ranking shit, getting yelled at for my rankings and then people giving me their rankings. If I had to rank that it would make my top-5 favorite things. That's why the past few Friday's we've started Friday argument time. It lets everyone know it's Friday since time is worthless right now anyways. Past arguments: 

5. Jeopardy! - Final Jeopardy 

Final Jeopardy is a no-brainer for me in the top-5. Why? It's like playoff baseball. Is it fast moving with all the glitz and glamour? Absolutely not. It's straight to the point. Here's the topic, have the potential to wager and then here's the question. Boom. But you're on the edge of your seat. It's like when a manager decides to leave a starter in too long and the power hitter in the 3 spot is coming up to bat. You're always going to watch.  

4. The Price is Right - Showcase Showdown 

Similar to Final Jeopardy, we are straight to the point here. That said, there's something about guessing pricing that gives it the edge. I think you have to lead in with the wheel spin to qualify for the Showcase Showdown. That 100% gives it the edge here. Plus there's something about watching game shows during the day.

3. Supermarket Sweep

I fucking love Supermarket Sweep. One of my 5 favorite game shows plus it's on Amazon Prime Video now - so you can knock out the entire series. I actually prefer the big final sweep with everyone involved more than the winning final sweep, but that shows how good it is. You have to figure out the rhyme/clue (big fan of clues) and then find it. It shows who is a real moron having no idea where to look for like a frozen pizza or shampoo. 

2. Guts/Global Guts - (Super)Aggro Crag

Whether it was the Aggro Crag on Guts or Super Aggro Crag on Global Guts, it's the number 2 spot. You had to race to the top hitting a bunch of buttons, which sounds whatever. But look at that thing. Nothing looked cooler than the Aggro Crag. It had the perfect amount of lights. It looked daunting. Sidenote, if you like this and you like 90s Clem and I are launching a new show tonight - Barstool TGIF. We'll be rewatching some clips from Guts and Global Guts tonight at 8:45pm with Mike O'Malley and Jeff D. Lowe. 

1. Legends of the Hidden Temple - The Temple Run

The GOAT. A 3 minute time limit, felt perfect. Enough time that you felt like they could win, but went quick enough that a mistake could fuck you. Not to mention you had Olmec explaining the rules which just made it seem cooler. You had 12 different rooms to work though, all with different themes. You had the guards - which 100% scared every kid at least once in their life. There was nothing like Legends of the Hidden Temple. 


In case you glossed over the text after each one, I figured I'd put this in again. Clem and I are launching a new weekly show called Barstool TGIF. Every Friday night at 8:45 we're going to go live for an hour with guests rewatching and talking about our favorite 90s nostalgia shows. We're watching Guts and Global Guts tonight with Mike O'Malley and Jeff D. Lowe. Every week we'll rotate cast depending on what we're watching and we'll knock out events like Rock n Jock, American Gladiators, Supermarket Sweep, etc. There will be a link as it goes live, but pay attention on Twitter and the blog, especially if you're an old like us and love the 90s.