Friday Argument Time: What Movie Has The Best Soundtrack?

I put this tweet out yesterday after I blogged this wake up with Nadia: 


Naturally I went and watched American Pie and American Pie 2 on HBOGo yesterday. What the hell else was I going to do after starting the day with Nadia? Also shout out Tara Reid, just a ridiculous run of hotness from American Pie-Van Wilder-American Pie 2. But the music from American Pie and American Pie 2? Just flat out ridiculous. 

It's hard to beat Mutt by Blink 182 on a soundtrack. Close your eyes and you can picture the exact scene that's on during the movie. Just an all-time late 90s soundtrack. But then you get to American Pie 2

Everytime I look for you and Phoebe Cates? Are you kidding me? I owned this CD and it was perfect. Just one of the best, if not the best soundtrack in movie history. I say this as a 32-year old. It was peak for early high school 2001 time. 

Granted we're talking about music so when you say what's the best soundtrack it's just whatever you prefer. But let's get into some of the other answers I received: 


I'll be honest. You can take answers like Rent or Grease or anything like that and kindly get the fuck out of my face with it. Just not what I prefer. Again, we're talking about best which means our favorite because that's how we argue. Almost Famous and Project X are intriguing though: 


I love a Night at the Roxbury, but a lot of soundtracks beat A Night at the Roxbury.

I'm still going with American Pie 2 as the best soundtrack to a movie. The time it came out (2001) fits perfectly with the movie. It's one of those soundtracks I'll put on from start to finish and just listen to. It has it all. It even has a decent 3 Doors Down song! 3 Doors Down! 

So I ask you. What movie has the best soundtrack?