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Friday Argument Time: Who You Got Winning The Office Writer-Actor Hall Of Fame?

I guess it's Friday - do days even matter anymore? Either way, every Friday my plan is to find a random argument I see on Twitter, comments, Reddit, wherever and put it out to the Stoolies. Last week we debated the best soundtrack to a movie. I saw this floating around earlier this week and figured everyone loves The Office - I'm guessing 50% of people reading this have it on as background noise right now. 

So it's simple this is The Office writer-actor Hall of Fame. 4 just loaded lists here. This is how I'd have them ranked: 

4. Mose

3. Toby

2. Kelly 

1. Ryan

To me it's a clear top-2 with Ryan and Kelly - I know that's not their real names, but It also kind of is. They just have nothing but heavy-hitters on their roster. The tiebreaker for me though is Diversity Day. The man came out HOT to start the series off. I can't imagine that being on TV now but to come out with that as your first written episode? That's the tiebreaker. 

I'll tell you what though. Toby is a sneaky STRONG third for me. He has the best cold opening ever with Stress Relief. 

But then you look at Goodbye, Toby, The Carpet and Dwight's Speech. All heavy on the rotation. 

So with that in mind I ask you - who you got and what are your rankings?