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Scottie Pippen Said He Was Thrilled To Be Fired From The Bulls This Year Because He Likes To Be Associated With Winning

[Source] - "I got fired this year. I didn't really want it to be in the public, but I'm no longer employed by the Bulls," Pippen said in the interview.

Here's what went down ... the Bulls reportedly met with Pippen before the season and asked him to make several commitments that would mess up his gig with ESPN's "The Jump" ... but wouldn't budge on compensation, so they let him go.

"It's probably a good thing, right? ... I like to associate myself with winning."

I'm going to go ahead and jot this one down. Why? This is one of the greatest spin zones I've read after someone got fired. Oh, I was fired? Yeah, big deal. I like to be associated with winning and this team fucking stinks. Flip the script on everyone and instead of the story being Scottie Pippen was fired by the Bulls, it's oh yeah well the Bulls are a mess and they stink out loud despite having a roster that fit this year and having some expectations. 

That's how you do it. I wonder if Scottie learned this from MJ and his lack of success in front offices. Pass the blame onto someone else. Really he should have just said 'yeah, you see what Jim fucking Boylen is doing out there? You hear the crowd chanting for GarPax sucking ass?' Feel like that's what he really wanted to say.

Now that said, I couldn't be more jealous of the Bulls. They finally, FINALLY fired Gar Forman 

They also moved Paxson into this new role of Senior Advisor of Basketball Operations. As a Knicks fan, do you know how much I'd kill for changes more than just bringing in Leon Rose? But Pip dropping the he likes to be associated with winning? Hey, Bulls: