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Bulls FIRE Gar Forman While John Paxson's Role Changes Within Organization

Is it weird that NOW THAT THIS FINALLY HAPPENED - I feel wrong celebrating Gar getting fired? Like everybody says you never hope somebody loses their job, but Gar was honestly hindering the organization for years. Fans hated him and players disliked him as well. Hell, look what Jimmy had to say about him:

And I know Jimmy hates everybody, but there was something about him comparing Gar to being more untrustworthy than a drug dealer that hit home for folks.

You know what though, fuck it - that's on me for feeling a little too nice during a pandemic. As I've continue to write this blog I realize what I've always realized and it's that this guy fucking stunk at his job. He was incompetent, said dumb shit, and didn't even try to advance the Chicago Bulls toward how basketball is played in 2020.


SEE YA!!!!!


Some clarity on what's going on with Paxson:

Call me a fool, but I actually believe this. It couldn't have been fun to be Pax these last few years. Everybody hated his ass. He knew it was time for change and put the wheels in motion. Good on him if that is true. I know some are scared that he'll still be pulling the strings, but I just don't think Arturas would've came here if that were the case. We'll just have to wait and see.

For now though - the Chicago Bulls are making moves to be back and it feels fucking awesome.