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Ryan Zimmerman Still Can't Believe How Stupid The Astros Were Not Bringing In Gerrit Cole During Game 7 of the World Series


I'm pretty over any of the petty Astros cheating jabs at this point. I just feel we've exhausted everything we can do without them being on the field and getting thrown at and heckled from the stands. I know Big T blogged the Brian Dozier trash can bang thing, but I think the best part of the Nats Game 7 Zoom hangout was Ryan Zimmerman's pure shock in finding out Gerrit Cole was out in the bullpen warming up in the FIFTH inning and didn't come into the game. 

It still makes no sense to me. The Astros had a mediocre bullpen and one of the best pitchers in the game ready to pull a Madison Bumgarner and take them home. Gerrit just came off one of the best seasons in baseball history from a pitcher and just let him hang out to dry in the pen all game, warming up three separate times. CRAZY. You hand the ball to Cole in that game and he probably doesn't let go of it until the Astros are champions. I bet if you ask Cole to this day he still won't have a good reason for why he didn't come in the game. You go Greinke to Cole there and it's over. A.J. Hinch pooped his pants in the worst possible moment. Everyone on the zoom laughing when he says, "We've got Gerrit Cole warming up" is so genuine. Anibal Sanchez can barely speak English and he's getting some good laughs in. Incredible. 

Then Juan Soto joins the Zoom later on and talks about the in-game trash talk he was having with catcher Robinson Chirinos. Soto told him to throw a changeup in a 1-0 count with a man on 2nd in the 8th inning. Soto got a cookie fastball from Osuna and absolutely ripped it to right to extend the Nats lead to two.

Soto's take on the whole situation...