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The Mike Pence - College Football Commisioners Phone Call Didn't Go Great!

I blogged this early, but here is an update post-call:


As Dennis Dodd and others have reported, there will be no college football if there are no students on campus. 

I guess we should've assumed that, but that is not the best news when it comes to the 2020 season going on as planned. Holding out hope that a 2020 season would happen, even if all classes were online, was a slim hope, but I could've seen it happening. That is no longer on the table. 

Why do I say this is bad news? Well, there is already talk of the 2020 fall semester being cancelled:

BU doesn't have a football team, but it brings up the question of whether or not every FBS team has to have on-campus students for the entire season to go on as scheduled. For example, if the Mountain West is a go, but San Jose State's campus is still closed, will the entire Mountain West season be cancelled? Would Pac-12 schools having online learning stop the SEC from playing? A lot of variables. 

We are only a week removed from Schefter's tweet, but this whole thing is a rollercoaster that changes so fast, so I guess it makes sense.