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Mike Pence Will Have A Call With The College Football Playoff Management Committee Today

Time for a bit of honesty, I've never heard of the so called "College Football Playoff Management Committee." It sounds like a made-up committee for tax purposes. Turns out the CFPMC is just a board of every FBS commissioner:

SOURCE-For those unaware, the College Football Playoff Management Committee is comprised of the 10 FBS conference commissioners as well as Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick.

  • AAC — Mike Aresco
  • ACC — John Swofford
  • Big Ten — Kevin Warren
  • Big 12 — Bob Bowlsby
  • Conference USA — Judy MacLeod
  • MAC — Jon Steinbrecher
  • MWC — Craig Thompson
  • Pac-12 — Larry Scott
  • SEC — Greg Sankey
  • Sun Belt — Keith Gill

The CFP also has a College Football Playoff Board of Managers, which is just a committee of ADs/chancellors/presidents from a school in each conference. The CFP is made up of multiple boards and committees. Sounds inefficient to me, but what else is new in the NCAA. 

I'm sure we'll hear about what is discussed on the call once it's over (I wouldn't be shocked if a journalist or two is given the call in number and just listens). Once that information comes out, I'll blog that. 

At this point, the big discussion is over what Dr. Fauci said this morning. 

If this is the only way of conducting sports for the remainder of 2020, this is good news for all professional leagues. I'd say this is bad news for the NCAA. Putting 130 FBS teams in hotels/dorms near a facility with multiple fields just doesn't seem possible when you are dealing with state ran institutions and players that aren't paid. It would be an awful look for the NCAA to essentially lock down their athletes in a hotel for 4 months for their profit. Would I put it past them? No. 

I still have hope for the season, but it is slowly going away. 

If schools continue to plan for not having a fall semester, we may find ourselves in a position where football won't happen until spring at the earliest. I hate to be doom and gloom, but unless we figure out this thing fast, it's not looking great.