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SCHEFTY BOMB: "People Around College Football" Are "Certain" There Will Be A Season In 2020

Finally, some good news. 

This is the first real report I can remember outside of ADs saying "yeah, if we don't have college football this season, we are fucked." 

As Greg Sankey said yesterday, the virus will determine when everything gets back to normal. That being said, more and more positivity surrounding fall sports is coming to fruition. 

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but NYC (the 1st real epicenter of this disease) is seeing lower hospitalizations by the day:


That could all change, but football is 5 months away. We have a lot of time. I am more of a positive person than not. It comes down to what we talked about on Unnecessary Roughness today, if everything is a go from the health officials standpoint, we want a season:

And there are indications out there that we should be hopeful that a season will happen.