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Here's Every Reason Why It Only Makes Sense For Belichick To Leave New England And Coach Lacrosse At Hopkins

Reason #1: The job is now open. 

Pretty important here because you never talk about another man's job while he still has it. But with the news today coming out that Dave Pietramala and Johns Hopkins have "agreed to mutually part ways", the job is now wide open for Billy Boy to take over. 

Reason #2: He already has the gear. 

Also pretty important here because Coach Belichick doesn't strike me as a guy who enjoys having to get new clothes for a new job. So the fact that he already has a few articles of Hopkins lacrosse clothing? Perfect scenario for him to make a smooth transition. All he has to do is chop the sleeves a little on that sweatshirt and he's ready to go. 

Reason #3: He can get a new dynasty going way faster at Hopkins than in New England

Listen. I realize that Belichick definitely deserves more credit for the Pats' dynasty than Brady did. It wasn't 50/50 or anything like that. But still. Losing Tom Brady would be like Bert losing Ernie. Neither of them could be nearly as successful on their own as they were with each other. 

Also, you can say whatever you want about the changing landscape of college lacrosse but Johns Hopkins can always be a powerhouse whenever they want. That's the type of program they have. Sure, some bigger B1G schools might be more alluring for recruits but Hopkins can always get elite talent. The only issue would be if everybody transfers out of Hopkins before Bill even gets to campus, because it's begun already with Cole Williams entering the transfer portal. 

Reason #4: It's the Sport of the Future. 

This one speaks for itself. But honestly how much longer do you guys think football will be around for? Like 6 or 7 years until lacrosse fully takes over the world? Bill Belichick is a smart man and will realize its better to get out now while he still can. 

Reason #5: Speaking of the future, we all know Bill Belichick's goal is to coach in the PLL one day

You gotta start your lacrosse coaching career somewhere if you want to end up coaching in the pros one day. So what better place to start than with the alma mater of the league founder? Chess vs checkers move by Bill. 

Reason #6: There really haven't been any major cheating scandals in college lacrosse before.

At least none that I'm aware of. Which means that Bill Belichick has the chance to be the first here. He can start paying players and recruits and we can finally get a patented "-gate" in college lacrosse. I've been dying for one of those. 

Reason #7: He can get a better scout on all the college lacrosse players that will eventually play for the Patriots.

Did you guys know that Chris Hogan actually used to play college lacrosse at Penn State? Pretty crazy. 

Reason #8: He's a total bro already. 

I mean...c'mon, man. All Bill Belichick wants to do is lax it up. You know it. I know it. The whole world knows it. And it breaks my heart to see him so unhappy staying at his job in Foxboro. Now he finally has an opportunity to move on. These opportunities don't come by often. The last time Johns Hopkins had a head coaching change was in 2001. Does Double B really want to potentially wait around for another 19 years before he has this chance again? For sure not. The time is now.