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The CIA Just Declassified Documents Saying The Dumb Dumb Soviets Tried To Use 'Paranormal Abilities' As A Military Weapon

It never (marvin) ceases to amaze me the things that trend online. Last night around midnight #SovietParanormal was all over the place because some lady posted recently declassified CIA documents from the 1970s alleging that the Soviets studied paranormal activities as a possible military weapon. 

Here are the tweets:

First of all: Bahahahahahahaha. I know it was the seventies, but paranormal activity? Really? No wonder they lost the Cold War. And believe me, I understand all the weird stuff intelligence agencies does/used to do, but "black magic" seems like a bit of a stretch even for them. Everyone knows the only person with those types of powers is Theresa Caputo, the abrasive Italian woman from TLC's "Long Island Medium." 

I wonder what she's up to these days. The whole thing makes you wonder when they decided to eventually disband the study. Like how long did they stare at an object trying to get it to move before they realized it wasn't working. Who knows. Because this is technically a military blog (?), make sure to listen to the latest episode of ZBT. Enjoy.