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The Oneders Are Getting Back Together One More Time For The Covid-19 Relief Concert

EW - Oneders fans, unite!

That Thing You Do star Tom Everett Scott announced Monday that his big-screen band the Oneders (pronounced like "the Wonders") are getting back together for one night only, and everyone is invited. Everett will be joined by costars/bandmates Steve Zahn, Ethan Embry, and Johnathon Schaech as well as unnamed special guests (Liv Tyler, perhaps?) for a livestreaming watch party April 17, in support of MusicCares' COVID-19 relief fund.

I wish it was under better circumstances, but The Oneders/Wonders getting back together will always be a blog from me, no matter what. It's easily on my Mount Rushmore of most underrated movies, and also movies I love that I rarely watch because it's not on TV or Netflix.

I last blogged about them when they reunited for one night in 2017

though it was sans Steve Zahn. 

The reason I said I wish it was under better circumstances is because 1) Tom Hanks, who stars in, wrote, and directed the film, was one of the first major celebrities to contract coronavirus and sort of made the nation realize how serious it was, and 2) the writer of the song, Adam Schlesinger, recently passed of complications from coronavirus.

Getting the band back together one more time for Adam.