Today Is The 20th Anniversary Of The Release Of The Very Underrated Movie "That Thing You Do"

That Thing You Do is on my Mt Rushmore of movies that I like that I never watch. It’s not like when I’m alone on a typical Friday night I’d turn on That Thing You Do. TTYD isn’t an obscure movie, a great or terrible movie, or a movie that you tell your friends about. But it still sits there, 20 years old now, with its catchy tunes and all star cast, and still can go. And that is why it’s so underrated. Nobody talks about it, but it’s enjoyable as hell. It used to come on VH1 at the most random times and I couldn’t help but to stop while flipping the channels and watch it. The Oneders are one of the best fictional bands to ever pretend to play instruments, right up there with Drive Shaft from LOST. And now That Thing You Do is 20 years old. Liv Tyler in her prime, Tom Hanks being cool guy Tom, and Steve Zaun before he was huge. So here’s to you, the extremely underrated That Thing You Do, here’s to 20 more years of just kinda being there at 3am on music channels that I’m not sure still exist.