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What the Hell Does Jose Canseco Have to Show Jennifer Lopez?

So many things to unpack here.

Firstly, is this real or fake? Jose Canseco has been known to be a rudimentary internet user, so I'm inclined to believe this is real. He's not smart enough to pull off a publicity stunt. But was this supposed to be a DM or does he have no idea how to tag someone in a tweet? Regardless, And then obviously the most pressing question here is what in the world could Canseco need to show Jennifer Lopez? And if it's so important, why does she have to contact Morgan? Wouldn't Jose want to speak with JLo directly?

Whatever this is, I need to find out. Jared had an idea that I think was a joke, but given Canseco's obvious lack of internet prowess, might actually work like a charm.

Let's just try it. If this Morgan is cut from any of the same cloth as Canseco, we'll be in there like swimwear.

I would love to be privy to all the goings-on of Jose Canseco's brain, but any thought he has that is a must-hear for JLo is a must-hear for us all. The government needs to step in and declare something of this level of public interest in the public domain. We have a right to know.