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This Revolutionary Drill May Transform Jameis Winston Into The Greatest QB Of Our Generation

What do you do after you pull off the first 30 TD - 30 INT season in NFL history? First, you go and fix your eyes:

Once you recover from Lasik surgery, you go on to give a phenomenal spin zone about getting replaced by the team that drafted you #1 5 years ago:

And then and only then do you hit the gym to work on your game:

Man threw 30 INTs last season and is now working on avoiding a 50-pound ball. HIt the film room, Jameis. This ain't gonna help you. 

P.s. Just a reminder that Jameis Winston had a higher SAT score than Tim Tebow and got into Stanford without any help from the football staff. This man can still be the greatest QB of all time. This blog doesn't change the fact that I'm a Jameis Truther. I just want him focusing on the right stuff.