RIP NFL: Jameis Winston Finally Got Lasik Surgery

Someone sound the cannons in Raymond James because I'm pretty sure Steven Cheah just scored in his pants. What a swashbuckling move by a true buccaneer. Jameis' poor eyesight has long been a story that drove Bucs fans and and anybody that picked him up in fantasy crazy since it seemed like the easiest way to avoid throwing the ball to the team in a different uniform.

So when does Jameis finally decide to give himself the gift of sight with a 15 minute surgery that even a poor person like me can afford? Right before he becomes an unrestricted free agent of course! Now Jameis will go from eating turf during a Pick 6 to eating W's and defenses by the dozen now that he has gone from Mr. 30/30 to Mr. 20/20. Fuck a franchise tag. Give the man that led the league in yards and was 2nd in passing touchdowns last season as a blindo the Mahomes contract before Mahomes even gets it.

Tweets like this are officially a thing of the past for Jameis just like 30 interception seasons.