BREAKING: Netflix Announced A New Tiger King Episode Hosted By Joel McHale Will Premiere This Sunday

Welp, I guess that scoundrel Jeff Lowe wasn't lying after all. The minute I hit publish on my blog about Fox and TMZ teaming up for a "What Really Happened" special about Tiger King that could be the show that turns the court of public opinion against Joe Exotic, Netflix decided to come over the top by revealing it has a fresh episode of The Official Documentary Of Quarantine 2020™ featuring some of the actual likable people from Tiger King along with that low-down, dirty, ruthless vato Jeff Lowe being interviewed by the always likable Joel McHale.

There is one big character from Tiger King whose absence on that list of interviews is absolutely deafening.

I wonder if That Bitch Carole Baskin turned down interview requests because she had something to hide. #hmmmm

Now I'm not sure if this delightful crew of misfits will flip on Joe and spill every dirty secret that wasn't already aired after seeing just how fucked their lives were throughout seven episodes. But I'm happy Netflix has one more chance to get some water from what well before every other streaming site and channel sets up shop and floods the market with Tiger King shit and more importantly that I can watch my guy Rick smoke butts and tell some more tales because I fucking loved that dude.

*Disclaimer: If Netflix wants to use The Official Documentary Of Quarantine 2020™ for any future marketing materials, I have trademarked it by writing it in this blog and using the little trademark symbol