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Fox And TMZ Are Teaming Up For An Hour Long Special On Monday About "What Really Went Down" With Joe Exotic In Tiger King Using Never Before Seen Footage

THR-  Fox is jumping on the Tiger King bandwagon with a quickie special from TMZ delving into the subjects of the Netflix docuseries. The hourlong special, titled TMZ Investigates: Tiger King — What Really Went Down?, will feature TMZ head Harvey Levin, interviews with people connected to the case of Joseph Maldonado-Passage, aka Joe Exotic, and "never-before-seen footage." It is set to air Monday.

Fox and TMZ say the special will explore some questions left unanswered in Netflix's breakout docuseries, including whether lead figure Joe Exotic is "really guilty" of the murder-for-hire plot of which he was convicted, a look at the disappearance of animal activist Carole Baskin's former husband and the status of a newly reopened investigation into that disappearance.

I am just going to go out on a limb and say that this is going to be the show that finally turns the court of public opinion against Joe Exotic. You get the Powers That Be at Fox, which has always been the more caliente basic cable channel, together with my fellow smut blogging brethren TMZ and there is almost definitely going to be some sort of explosive shit. 

To be honest, the only reason so many people have willingly looked past some of the shitty things Joe Exotic said or did in Tiger King is because he was electric, characters like Jeff Lowe and That Bitch Carole Baskin were equally as shitty while not nearly as charismatic, and the doc dropped just as coronavirus changed our lives. The quarantine squeezed us, it hammered us to the point of desperation. And in our desperation, we turned to a man we didn't fully understand.

But now that every TV station is trying to suck on the Tiger King teet and repurpose every Joe Exotic story like Joe did old Wal Mart meat in order to make people look for their remote to watch cable for the first time in a month, this is when all of Joe's warts are going to come out. Which is fine. The one thing we have always learned is that the internet always wins. It doesn't matter if you are a stooge asking a political question like Ken Bone, someone raising a million dollars for a children's hospital, or a guy that ran a redneck zoo that bordered on gross and reprehensible depending on the story (not to mention the videos and stories that have leaked since Tiger King was released). The World Wide Web will parade every skeleton in your closet, no matter how hard they are to find. 

Considering Joe recorded every move he made for years and has likely made an enemy or 100 during his rise, I think it's safe to say if there's something bad about Joe Exotic that we haven't seen before, it will be shown on Monday night. And you know what? I'll be watching, because there is nothing else on TV.