Netflix Is Releasing A New Episode Of Tiger King This Week According To Tiger King Star And Noted Dirty Scoundrel Jeff Lowe

First of all, let me make this clear. There is no person on the planet I trust less than Jeff Lowe. Not one. You lose my trust the minute you pretty much admit to trying to set someone up to steal their zoo or end up looking like the most awful person in a documentary full of deplorable people. Shit, Tiger King Jeff Lowe isn't even the Jeff Lowe I'd trust the most with news of a new Tiger King episode since our Hollywood #insider Jeff D. Lowe would probably have the scoop before someone literally starring in the documentary. So I am not going to take anything seriously that comes out of a swindling zookeeper's mouth as he sucks every ounce of clout he can from this fame teet that dropped from the heavens.

But I am also not going to let every internet smut rag get those luscious quarantine pageviews that come from this video without letting Barstool wet the beak. Can't do it (*Said in Mike Singletary voice). Trust me, I would looooove a fresh episode of the hottest doc in the world to come out as well as all the requisite memes that follow as the content tank slowly goes to E. Even Justin Turner being the person to break this news would be peak 2020 since this year is a real life version of the Upside Down. But until we get any sort of confirmation from an old man who doesn't dress like a 20 year old we would cross the street to get away from on an app where people will literally say whatever you want if you pay them, I am filing this rumor firmly in the Unconfirmed category.

That being said, if Netflix is shooting extra episodes, they should only release them on Netflix+ Premium (which would be a new service that is an extra $20 per month and only has this new episode) to capitalize on all the Tiger King hype. It may seem like a trashy move to do during a time when people are stuck inside during a pandemic. But all of us that are addicted to watching these trashbags while in lockdown deserve to pay a Trash Tax.