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The NBA's HORSE Competition Is Pretty Much A Done Deal

I think we all expected this to happen when word first came out about a potential HORSE competition and according to Woj here it looks like it's pretty much a done deal. My stance on it is this. Is it the best thing I'm ever going to watch? Most certainly not. In fact I'm pretty sure it's going to be mostly terrible. But at the same time I am in no position to sports shame anyone or anything that is going to give us any resemblance of sports during this quarantine. The same way I'm half heartedly into the 2K Tournament, I imagine I'll be the same with this. I'll watch it simply out of boredom.

I do have some questions though. Having Zach LaVine in here gives him a certain advantage that I don't really think the league thought about. What's stopping him from doing some sort of crazy dunk that nobody is going to be able to replicate? I'm not just talking about WNBA players, I'm looking at Chris Paul and Trae Young as well. They aren't replicating any sort of LaVine dunk either. Is there going to be a no dunking rule? That sort of defeats the whole purpose right? 

Now we do have some sort of idea of how this might go, you may remember the HORSE competition at the 2010 All Star Game

Doesn't exactly blow your dick off now does it? 

But again, I'm not here to shame the NBA. They are trying their best to give us all something to watch, so their heart is in the right place. I say if we're going to go this route let's get nuts with it. Don't stop at HORSE, give me virtual Knock Out or something as well. Give me a 3 point shooting competition and a virtual Dunk Contest. Maybe Aaron Gordon will finally be able to win the Dunk Contest title he should have won during the year. Why not? If you're going to reach deep into the barrel for ideas you may as well take mine.