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'J.A.P. Battle," Co-Written by Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schesinger Takes You Into the Evening

Like any other sentient human being, I love "Stacey's Mom" and the other Fountains of Wayne songs Adam Schlesinger did. And like Nate mentioned:

... I didn't realize just how many other songs he was responsible for until he died of coronavirus yesterday. 

Among his works I was not familiar with were all the songs for CW's "Crazy Ex Girlfriend," because to be honest, it's a show I never watched. But not three days before he died, I found myself going down the YouTube rabbit hole of these videos, and think some of them are genius. In fact a couple of them got Schlesinger nominated for Emmys. Again, I didn't make the connection between these and the man who co-wrote them. I just sort of happened upon them and loved them, days before he passed away. 

Every death is a tragedy. But when we lose someone this talented who had much more to give, we all lose. Keep being safe.