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Kelly Kapowski Being The Perfect Wife And Mom On Instagram Is The Most Correct Thing We Have In The World

Listen we're in weird times. I should be blogging about who won the national title last night (Kentucky) and all the craziness that happens on State Street and Avenue of Champions overnight. Instead I'm searching the Internet for smut, viral stories and anything that can be blogged. Naturally, I start going to my go-tos. Soccer WAGs, celebs on Instagram and the 90s. It finally hit.

I wonder what Kelly Kapowski (sorry, I'll never refer to her as Tiffani Thiessen) is up to these days? What's she like on Instagram. I never looked at her page before so this is all a true, new reaction. Let me tell you. It's PERFECT. There are few perfect things in life, but Kelly Kapowski turning into the ideal mom and wife is exactly what should happen. Granted, these pictures should be happening with Zack Morris and kids with unreal hair, it's still all that's right in the world. Look at that first picture up top! 

Look at these - she's still perfect: 

If you're telling me you're not proposing on the spot on the first date, you're a liar. Kelly Kapowski was everyone's dream girl in the 90s. It didn't matter who you were, where you were from or anything like that. You had a TV or knew someone with a TV, you were in love with Kelly Kapowski. 

And don't even get me started on this old story by the stupid producer of Saved by the Bell: 

Look at her Instagram page! Rewatch Saved by the Bell! There's a 0.0 percent chance Kelly Kapowski would ever get divorced. How could anyone ever be mad at her? Hell, even Zack wouldn't divorce her - they were and still are the best couple in TV history. Fuck outta here thinking they'd get divorced. And Godforbid they did? Well, Kelly would just be this. Still the perfect wife and mom on Instagram.

So when the world seems to be falling apart around us and we don't have sports as an escape, there's something calming about seeing Kelly Kapowski still being perfect. There is no one like her and never will be. The world will never agree on Kelly Kapowski being the perfect TV girl. 

And now for Tiffani Amber Theissen gifs portion of the blog: 

PS: Clem and I are going to bring back TGIF. If you're old enough you remember how important that was back in the day. Every Friday night we're going to hop on and rewatch something from the 90s - NBA games, WWF, Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple, OJ chase, etc. Send any suggestions you have to us as we build out the schedule.