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Thinkin Bout Those Ketchup Covered Tacos That Marcellus Wiley Ate 2 Years Ago

It’s been two years. Two years of wrestling back and forth and forth and back about whether or not these ketchup covered tacos were blog worthy.

After thinking it over, I think they are because it’s just such a wild concept. INSANE! Now, I do think that salsa and ketchup are, at their core, the same thing? Listen. They are different. There’s no question about that but is the wolf all that different from the chihuahua? Yes. But also no. You see, every dog on planet earth is essentially the evolutionary trickle down from the wold, whether it be man designed or micro evolution, that’s not for me to say, but the point remains. Every canine started as a wolf and therefore everything tomato based is related to the tomato! Salsa. Marinara. Ketchup. These are the dogs of the tomatoes’ wolf and therefore, what is good for the goose is good for the gander (group of geese/male goose).

In short, yes. These tacos covered in ketchup were blog worthy in 2017 and they are even more blog worthy now which is hard to believe. Unreal the way the blog works.

If you need to know how seriously I take my blogging responsibility, look no further than the two blogs linked below. I’d consider this matter settled now but reserve the right to visit this subject again in future.