Marcellus Wiley Eating 10 Chicken Tacos Covered Ketchup Is A New Culinary Adventure


After thinking it over a while, I gotta say that eating ketchup on your tacos is a wild move. Personally, I don’t endorse it. If I’m gonna put any type of sauce on my tacos, it’s gonna be salsa. Now, there’s certainly multiple types of salsa. You can have fire roasted, verde, medium, hot, or even mild. You use a corn salsa or may other types of traditional salsa. Ketchup isnt included in that list and it shouldn’t be.

Probably the biggest issue that I have with ketchup here is because it’s on a crunchy shell. You throw some ketchup on a soft shell taco and buddy,,, you have a wrap going. I dont mind that. The taco seasoning just spices up the wrap a little bit. Might even be delicious. Oh, you know how you can change up that Mexican-style wrap with ketchup? Put that bad boy on a crunchy shell. Might be incredible. Someone should try that.