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Allen Iverson Dropped His Legendary 'Practice?!?' Line When He Called Diamond Johnson And Invited Her To Be The First Girl To Play In His 24k Showcase Event

This is just Allen Iverson being Allen Iverson and quite frankly we need more of him. The dude is one of the few basketball legends of the past (which is weird to say on its own) who respects the new kids. He's always out here giving props to the guys currently playing instead of trying to say they wouldn't be able to play back in his day, etc. 

So it's not shocking that Iverson invited Diamond Johnson, a 5-star women's prospect going to Rutgers, to play in his All-American event as she becomes the first female to integrate it. That's an awesome story in its own right. Why not? Give her a chance to play in something cool - I mean it's an All-Star event. If AI wants her there, then AI has every right to put her there. 

But what really makes this is his PRACTICE call. The man simply refuses to believe people believe in practice. It's still the all-time memorable press conference. 

That man is one of the best scoring guards to play the game. He was a legend at HS, Georgetown and NBA level. He'll be remembered most for a saying that will go on for ages. PRACTICE? We talking about practice, man. Even Yao Ming got into it at the Hall of Fame

Retired AI has just been the best.