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Nothing To See Here, Just 6'7", 364 lb. OT Mekhi Becton Running A 5.11 40

There's nothing quite like the NFL Draft Combine reminding us just how different football players are than football fans. If I simply saw Mekhi Becton move in person, my idiot brain wouldn't be able to process how we are a part of the same species. I have more in common with my couch cushions than I do with an alien like Mekhi Becton. And seeing him run a faster 40 time than Steven Cheah despite weighing roughly 160 pounds more causes my brain to hurt and the thought of a man that big and fast looking to crush me in the open field while run blocking is flat out terrifying. 

In case the athletic show he just put on wasn't enough, Mekhi's 6'7" frame checked in leaner than I think most people expected.

Yeahhhhh, something tells me the dreams of the Giants trading down to get more picks may have ended once that Hog Molly crossed the finish line. Which I'm fine with since I am already thinking of designs for Avalanche shirts. Just please keep my little lamb Danny Dimes upright with the ball in his hands, Mekhi! Especially twice a year against Chase Young. 

Now if you will excuse me, I have a 6'7" 364 lb. man to fall in love with.