Chicago Strip Clubs Apparently Had $450,000 In Singles Ready Each Day And 3,000 Strippers For All-Star Weekend

[Source] - The forecast calls for some serious rain, because we're told each club will have $450,000 in single dollar bills on deck each day for customers -- NBA and otherwise -- to spend on the dancers. The clubs are ready to bring in the Brinks trucks too, if they need even more Washingtons.

This is now a staple story out of any Super Bowl weekend, All-Star Game, whatever and each time there's something outrageous. Over Super Bowl weekend this year there were the stories that strippers were just walking around in money but then they weren't getting paid: 

And now we had the ASG in Chicago. More importantly, there were $450,000 singles EACH DAY at the strip clubs. I just feel bad for the person that had to count out those singles and make sure everything is correct. There's a 100% chance they lost count at some point. You're just sitting there going in your head and get distracted for one split second and starting over. And sure, I know all about those fancy machines that quickly do it, but I like to imagine strip clubs still operate with a person counting sitting in a dimly lit room. 

The other thing I want to know is how do they determine what strippers get flown in? Do we have a tryout series and then a Draft? That would be fitting for a sports weekend. You have your high-major strippers, your AAA strippers and so on. I like to think there's a ranking system like a top-25 and we have constant movement and then complaining when a stripper who should be a 3 seed is a 5. Just mixing my fantasy here of college hoops and strippers real quick, I'll be back in a second. 

Either way, I hope they avoided the Miami situation and got paid because $450,000 in singles daily is a ton of money. We're not here to shame strippers. Get your money.