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As It Turns Out A Ton Of The Miami Strippers Weren't Allowed To Keep The Money They Were Showered With

So earlier today I blogged about some strippers walking through piles of money from Super Bowl weekend. You can read that blog here:

But what I didn't now at the time was I didn't even scratch the surface of what really happened with strippers at the Super Bowl. Handsome Hank saw my blog and sent me a couple more links and as it turns out, the strippers didn't get to keep the money thrown around on stage. It was against their contract. Some of the strippers walked away with nothing, some fist fought over money, some were trying to steal money, and much more. 

Look at this conversation between 2 strippers. It's amazing:

"They tried to send us home with $300 after the split but we paid $350 to dance". LOL. They paid to be there under the promise $1 million would be thrown around, but instead only $177,000 was thrown, and so they profited $750 at the most. 

They were trying to sneak money out of the club to no avail

But wait…there's more! 


They had to pay for their own flights and hotel rooms to boot! 

Janique from Memphis needs to become a stripper agent:

Ain't never going out sad with Janique making the deals, that's for sure. 

And so what happened to some strippers at the end of the weekend? 

Damn. Stripper life ain't easy, folks.