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Strippers Were Walking Through Dollar Bills Up To Their Eyeballs During Super Bowl Weekend

I knew I shoulda been a stripper! I knew it. Just wading through piles of dollar bills like leaves on a sidewalk in the autumn. It's probably all 1's but there's enough money covering the floor to pay for those young women's nursing degrees which is obviously what they are stripping for, to put themselves through school.

I make jokes but I think stripping is an honorable of a profession as it gets. These women have the confidence to get on stage wearing little clothing, something very few people can do. Most people don't like taking off their clothes at all, and they do it for strangers to earn a pretty nice living. It's sad we live in a society where strippers, and to a higher level, sex workers, are often demonized. I am a decent writer so I write for a living. If I had a sick body and nice tits, I'd be a stripper. And I'd make a hell of a lot of money doing it. Post Malone walks in with $50,000 in singles

and you have a new car by sundown. Not too shabby right?

I've never fully understood the allure of the strip club, but what I do know is people who love strip clubs LOVE strip clubs. I guess you kinda get addicted to going and next thing you know you're there in your grey sweatpants at noon on a Tuesday eating the $9.99 prime rub buffet? Allegedly. I've...I've said too much.