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Cardi B Explained That Some Strippers Didn't Get Paid Because They Weren't Shaking Their Asses Enough

Well, there we have it. Like every good story, it took a trilogy to get to the bottom of it and get answers, but here we are. As you may recall, this story started with an innocent enough blog, showing how strippers at the Super Bowl were walking through dollar bills like it was a flood in a basement.

Then part 2, the meat of the issue, we really dove into what exactly happened at #StripperBowl and why the strippers didn't get paid.


And now part 3, the conclusion. Cardi B got on Instagram to explain just why some strippers didn't get paid, from her point of view, the most trusted point of view in America today.

OOOO, thank you Cardi for clearing that all up!!! In order to get fair pay they just had to drug and rob their clients shake their asses a little bit harder. But of course! 

As I wrote in the first blog, I think it's sad strippers are often looked down upon when in fact it's a noble profession that pays well and most people enjoy. We shouldn't then turn around and treat them like 2nd class citizens. That ain't right. 

Now, if some strippers showed up and didn't shake their ass and expected to walk out rich, that's a different issue. But Cardi seems to be toeing the company line and leaving her fellow strippers in the dust, which is not cool. She used to be one of them, the least she can do is remember her roots and stand up for her fellow woman just trying to make a fair wage. Some people just forget where they come from. Sad.