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Outworking Everyone And Dunking On Dwight- Start Your Day With Two Of My Favorite Kobe Stories

To be honest, I didn't think Kobe's death would impact me as much as it did. A famous person? One who I had never met? One who terrorized my Celtics in the late 2000's and robbed us of a championship in 2010? No way. And yet, when the news broke, I found myself sitting on my bedroom floor reduced to tears. I eventually pulled myself together only fall apart again after reading Coley's blog.

I guess you never realize how important certain people are to you until they're gone. Even strangers. I'll spare you the rest of my emotional journey over the past 24 hours, but like a lot of people, I'm still hurting and will be for a while. So instead I'm going to post two of my favorite Kobe stories. More will come up over the next few days, but these are the two in the front of my mind at the moment. Outworking everybody and dunking on Dwight. 

It's still hard to believe he's gone. If you're reading this, make sure to be kind to everyone today. If there's one thing we learned this weekend, it's that life is fragile and can change in an instant. Rest in peace, Kobe. Miss you already.