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Congrats To The Refs On Their Big Win Tonight, And Good Luck Vs. LSU

Tip of the cap to referees. They played their asses off all night. In the two biggest moments of the game, they came up clutch and absolutely screwed the Buckeyes. Starting with when Ohio State was up 16-0 and forced a punt, only to make an outrageous targeting call and eject Shaun Wade from the game.

Then, in perhaps the worst use of replay in the history of camera, they completely changed the outcome of the game for the second time when they overruled a clear fumble for touchdown.

It's a shame the refs couldn't let this one be handled on the field. The better team lost tonight. The better team was on it's way to a blowout victory, and the referees took matters into their own hands. Congrats to the men in stripes, huge win.

I'm not here to listen to the fact that Ryan Day had a chance to finish the game and he chose to punt in plus territory. I'm not here to talk about how we had Clemson pinned at the three with two minutes left and gave up a touchdown in four plays. The only thing I'm here to talk about is how the referees cheated a group of hardworking young men from achieving their dreams. Worked all season to get it taken away by a bunch of Footlocker workers.

Proud of your season, Buckeyes. I'm sorry it had to end this way. It's not your fault.