The Bears Are A Goddamn JOKE

Yesterday we had a watch party at Buffalo Wild Wings in Schaumburg that was powered by great tasting, less filling Miller Lite

The hospitality was fantastic, as was the turnout.  Those parts of the day were NOT jokes.  The restaurant was completely packed with Red Line Radio listeners.  Shout out to all who came and thank you to Buffalo Wild Wings and Miller Lite.

Unfortunately, the fun tone of the blog stops right there.  The rest of the day was a complete and total disaster.  We recorded Red Line Radio almost immediately following the game and before we recorded I wasn’t sure what type of mood any of us would have on the show.  Would we be pissed?  Would we be sad?  Would we be apathetic?  Well…. listen to find out.  Obviously.

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There’s definitely apathy that’s set in, but within five minutes of pushing the record button we were all just laughing our asses off.  That’s where we’re at.  We’re laughing AT the Bears, not with them.  At them.  Because they’re a joke.

Club Dub is DEAD.  It’s dead as a goddamn doornail.  It’s a figment of our memories, and I’d almost prefer to have never loved than to love and lose.  It’s that bad.

Let’s take a look at how funny yesterday’s Bears game was:

1. This one goes without say.  Fucking hilarious.

2. The Bar ERUPTED with a Bronx cheer yesterday when Mitch hit a 53 yard pass that counted for about 43% of his passing yards yesterday.  It was so condescending, yet completely deserved.

3. Oh, and Matt Moore looks like a very competent NFL QB:

4. As has Teddy Bridgewater

5. And then we got Adam Shaheen, a second round pick, avoiding the last pooch kick like it was a goddamn punt and people were screaming “FIRE” at the top of their lungs.  For me, that put a feather in the cap of this joke of a season and his joke of a career.

6.  Oh BTW The Bears are in last place.  Such a joke with this defense.

and on and on it goes.  Time is a flat circle.

Can’t do anything but laugh at this point.  This season has turned into a complete and total joke.  Not sure I’ve said that yet.  You’d think as Bears fans we’d expect and be accustomed to this but we truly thought there’d be a period of sustained success with this core.  That Nagy would develop Mitch into at very worst a solid enough QB and that the Bears would be the Kings of the North so long as team health allows them.  WRONG.  So so so wrong.

Chief had a great analogy.  Pace loaded the bases with how he assembled the defense and with a few of his late round picks.  But he struck out on three pitches his next two at bats with the Trubisky pick/Nagy hire and is dangerously close to stranding the bases loaded.  Assuming Mitch is what he is, a bust of a #2 pick that won’t improve in these final 8 games, Pace has one chance left to drive in those base runners in 2020-21 by finding a competent QB that is good enough to make at least one deep-dish playoff run.

If he can’t, he could be the latest Bears GM to get the axe, and if/when that happens, they’ll be onto their FOURTH GM since 2011.  Angelo, Emery, Pace, new guy.  FOUR.  It’s incredible – there’s no chance at building any synergy within an organization if you’re rifling through FO execs, head coaches and systems every other year.  It’s mind boggling.

How in the hell are we supposed to watch these last 8 games?  There’s literally nothing to play for.  No playoffs.  No 1st round draft pick. Players needing to get paid or they’ll bolt.  I’m not just throwing out this season, but when looking at the state of the Bears from 30,000 feet they’re probably fucked for another few seasons after this.  Again.

It hurts.  Someone hold me.  8 games left to prove us wrong.  Buy a shirt: