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Wake Up With Jay Buhner Flipping Over The Wall And Into The Red Sox Dugout After Making A Catch
Jay Buhner was always known for his bat. The big, bald, goateed man could hit the ball a long way. But on this night in Fenway Park, he was remembered for his glove. Scott Hatteberg for sure thought he hit a homer to right field here, but Buhner gets back, tracks the ball, uses the wall as a boost, and snags it before it could go into the dugout. Problem was he didn't figure out how he was going to stay in the field of play. Buhner ends up flipping head over heels into the dugout after making the catch. We see these catches every now and then, and I'm kind of surprised we don't see them more often, but what an awesome grab by Buhner. If Griffey Jr comes over and gives you props on a catch you just made, you know you're doing something right. Can't believe the Yankees traded this guy.