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Ryan Whitney And Matt Murley Once Started An Underground Casino During Their Pro Days

Spittin’ Chiclets has existed for almost three years now. Numerous stories are told every week by both Biz and Whit, to the point where we have thought we have run through them all. That was until Max Talbot joined Spittin’ Chiclets this week and revealed that Ryan Whitney and Matt Murley ran an underground casino during their time in Pittsburgh together.

Biz said it on the podcast and I think he speaks for everyone, if anyone was to have an underground casino on this podcast, you would think it would be Rear Admiral. We still can’t fully rule out if RA has or has not had a casino in his basement, he was pretty baked when we asked him so I’m not really sure if his memory serves him correctly.

The casino took place during their years in Wilkes-Barre during the NHL lockout during the 04-05 season. The two played in 80 games that season and both finished with 41 points, Murley had 17 goals and 24 assists while Whitney had 6 goals and 35 assists.

This was one of those ideas that at the time seemed like it was unbeatable and completely fool proof. It’s like one of those ideas you get in college, like when you try and become a bookie at a school in New England right before the Patriots win the super bowl only to have to pay your friends thousands of dollars. The house always wins, until you try and be the house.

Listen to full podcast here.