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BOMBSHELL On HBO's Real Sports: Leaders Of A New York Based Organization Screwed Up MASSIVELY

Whoa. Look at Don Nelson coming out hot here. I mean, sure, we knew all about the weed and well just the fact he’s looking like a goddamn snack. But, really. Trading Patrick Ewing for Shaq?

Donnie was ahead of his time! This was a no-brainer. Sure, Ewing was the star on the Knicks. Sure, he was the face of the franchise. But, did Nellie know that he couldn’t win a title with Ewing? That he needed to get younger with Shaq? Sure seems like it.

More importantly this could have prevented the Lakers from getting titles. We know that Kobe wouldn’t have won on his own. That would have been worth the trade even if the Knicks didn’t win with Shaq. I would still make that trade 100 out of 100 times.

Yeah, so obviously once Ewing heard this he was going to force Nelson out. But, this is now one of the bigger what-ifs. Knowing the Knicks luck they would have packaged this huge deal for Shaq only for him to leave in free agency. At least this picture would look different:

Image result for patrick ewing orlando magic

Did something else happen with an organization in New York on HBO last night?