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When It's 6am And You Can't Sleep, What Do You Do?

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 3.13.06 PM

Quick question- what do you do when it’s 6am and you can’t sleep? This happens to me here and there, I wake up a little early and my mind is like “get up, get coffee, make breakfast, get started on your day”. It sounds so good in theory. If you get up at 6am on a weekend (when you’re not hungover, obviously), you can get so, sooooo much done before 10am. You can feel so accomplished and then have the entire day ahead of you. I wish I did it more. But what do I usually do? I flip open my Mac Book (Pro), scroll Twitter, scroll the blog, and watch whatever I’m binging on Netflix. Right now it’s Parks and Rec. Usually when I flip on a show like The Office or Parks and Rec, I doze right back to sleep. But then I’ll sleep FOREVER and wake up groggy as shit. I know there’s science behind why that is. I know I should just get up when I wake up instead of going back to sleep and then waking up even more tired, but I’m so weak willed when it comes to getting out of bed. Definitely something I plan on working on. Just get my ass up and moving. Maybe even go to the gym? Ok let’s not be crazy, but you know what I’m saying.

But anyway, what do you do? Our friend Alexis has an idea.

She goes for a dip in a very large sink. Casual!

Is that about me? Hard to say.