ESPN Can Eat My Shorts

What the friggin’ heck is this??? For what? For what? Whose idea was this and what was this purpose and have they been fired directly into the surface of the Sun?

If this were a Knicks fan account I’d have no problem with this pipe dream. I’d be curious why they weren’t trading Zion for Anthony Davis and truly go win-now but I’d be all for tortured Knicks fans selling themselves chickens before they hatch yet again. But this isn’t a Knicks fan account. At least, I don’t think it is? This is just regular old ESPN. The same ESPN that routinely churned out talking head after talking head to bash Philly’s Process for YEARS now celebrating… inept, rudderless tanking? Am I reading this right? Hinkie had a plan. He wasn’t able to see it through and wasn’t always allowed to make the picks he wanted, but his plan was clear and successful. The Knicks aren’t doing what Hinkie was attempting. Not even in the slightest. They just stink, so bad that their best home grown player since Ewing was actively telling prospective free agents to stay far away.

I don’t even think it’s impossible that Kyrie and KD are such unique brains that they believe they can overcome Dolan’s ineptitude and win in New York. Both are hyper competitive superstars who dream of rising above the shadow LeBron has cast over the League for nearly two decades. If their brains both agree that winning with the Knicks is the only way to accomplish that it says a whole helluva lot about the most valuable franchise in the NBA. It’s also very weird timing considering both Kyrie and Durant have come out in the media over the last couple of weeks to bitch about the media constantly looking towards the summer rather than focusing on the here and now elite basketball they’ve both been playing this season. But them signing with the Knicks is a completely legitimate possibility, I have no problem admitting that. I just don’t see why it’s being celebrated by ESPN as the cherry on top of a 17-game losing streak shit sundae. Especially when other teams have been so thoroughly bashed for tanking with purpose in the past.