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Floyd Mayweather Is Back To Tweeting Out His Winning Bets Like A Real Dickhead








So I guess my question is how many bets in a row Floyd Mayweather lost? Because there is no way these are the only 2 bets he’s made this season. No chance in hell. And that’s the obnoxious part about this. No one likes a guy who shows his bets after they’ve won. The guy who waits until the 4th quarter to tell everyone that “X team was the obvious choice”. The guy who waits until it’s 10-3 with 6 minutes left to tell you that the under was free money. You know what that is Floyd? That’s insecurity. I’d rather be wrong 100 times and own my idiocy than be right once in a while and fake like I’m invincible. You can’t show me one single loss, even though we all know they exist. You’re a small person bro. You’re a very very wealthy small person. And with all that said please let me have some money because I bet on the R-Words +7.5 last night and that late field goal fucking sucked.