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Steve Ballmer Went To Shake Blake Griffin's Hand So Blake Sprinted To The Locker Room

So today is Blake’s return to Los Angeles as part of the Pistons. Obviously he was drafted by the Clippers and helped turn them from a laughing stock in the NBA to a pretty decent franchise for a couple years along with CP3 and DeAndre Jordan. But, this?

This should put him in MVP talk. I literally can’t stop laughing at it.

Steve Ballmer, who is as goofy as they come to begin with, goes to shake his hand and welcome him back. Blake is like a bat out of hell sprinting to the locker room. No joke, I don’t know if I’ve seen Blake move that quick in years.

You know Ballmer is devastated by this. he loves everyone. He just wanted to say hi to Blake and you can see him try to shake it off with other people on the court. Nope, internally he’s losing his mind no doubt. Just an absolutely hilarious sprint by Blake though.